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Grizzlies of the Khutzeymateen
Each year, for a Month straddling May and June , the Grizzly Bears of British Columbias KHUTZEYMATEEN Inlet gather to eat fresh sedge grass on the estuary and at the mouths of several rivers along it. This remote inlet, Canadas only Grizzly Bear Sanctuary. When the Bears come down to feed , the Mountain Tops are stll draped in winter snow, down to waters edge in places. Beyond the wet sedge meadows, are Valleys, one of the planets few remaing Temperate Rain Forests ! The Sanctuary has been a god send to the Grizzly Bear, With NO Hunting the Grizzly for over 25 years now within the parks boundaries. Many other birds and animals share this special valley... Bald Eagles are a frequent visitor flying and diving sometimes seen perched atop a Sitka spruce waving with the wind. The Coastal Wolf is a regular resident but his elusive nature and using his stealthy wanderings ... seldom seen but a receding hind end into the shorelines trees.
KHUTZEYMATEEN  in 2016   Was a Sunny Bright day , making image capture quite difficult. This Alpha Male Grizzly was on the Scent as we followed him along the shoreline . He would go into the water and swim when the land travelling got too severe. But he continued on, with a destination in mind.
Khutzeymateen, where significant tides make great Clam Beaches. This Grizzly at Very low tide was looking in the sand for clams. These background boulders are submerged at higher tide.
Khutzeymateen, Early afternoon in the shade of a mountain, I witnessed an amazing encounter with Grizzly Bear Family. Mom was so tired and Baby was Very Hungry. As Baby purred to get moms attention , it was feeding time. Shortly after this image Mom went and rested at the Shoreline with a large boulder as her back rest & went about nursing this cub. The Cub continued to PURR as it nursed. An Amazing & Intimiate encounter to be remembered!
Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary  in Northern British Columbia Canada. The Alaskan Mountains are about 25 miles and visible as we Fly into this Pristine Rainforest. It is Grizzly Breeding Season here in May 2012, The Glaciers are receding here but still evidence of the Spring Time Snow covered Mountains.   This large male Grizzly has just ascended from the waters of the estuary and is really focused on the trail of a mature female grizzly. 

This Image has been selected as Award Winning with the Canadian Geographic , Wildlife Photography of the Year 2012! The HM is highly honoured within the industry. This Image has been Selected by Canadian Museum of Nature and will be Featured at their Ottawa Museum the season of 2013. As well a National Tour in Featured Museums across Canada in 2013. 

This image is featured in the "Collectors Edition of Best Wildlife of 2013!
This young Female Grizzly was attempting to elude the Large Male Grizzly. During High tide the waters of the estuary allowed this bear to swim across to a remote and safe location. It is breeding season in the Khutzeymateen ( May 2012) but she is Not ready to accept the Male... YET. During my time spent  in the Khutzeymateen  there were some Amazing Interactions. Following this Courtship was a treat to witness. She kept the Male a very safe distance from her & the male was respectful and evident of her desire to keep a distance . As time went by She allowed the Male to get within breeding closeness, I think this Honey Coloured Bear was coming into Season!  

The Image has been chosen as the Canadian Wildlife Photography of the year 2012. Canadian Museum of Nature will be exhibiting this Image , along with other winners in their Ottawa Museum, starting in 2013. Following that a Canadian Tour to Museums across Canada!  
Featured in Parks Canada 2014 Magazine "Special Edition"
Wild Female Grizzly Bear with her Yearling cubs in Background. She was showing me her Dominant Side while perched on this boulder. The Claws are at their longest now as she has recently emerged from her winter dormancy. During the next few months the Claws which are Not retractable will wear down with her foraging. The cubs may stay with her for several seasons until thety will venture off on their own. It's Breeding Season now in the Khutzeymateen and mother bear is On Guard for unwanted intruders. The Baby Bears can move quickly &  climb the trees for safety at a very quick rate. Mature Grizzly Bears can not climb trees .
As the Winter snow recedes and Glaciers melt in the  Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary May 2012. This Veteran is about 25 years, according to the knowledgeable guide. He is the father of many bears who live and pass through this Rain Forest. 
Seen here with damaged eye and  missing fur as he emerged recently from his winter dormancy period. He is following the scent of a Female Bear as it is Bear Breeding season here in the Khutzeymateen. 
Travelling the shoreline is much quicker with low tide. The Tide here can reach in excess of 25 feet.
Khutzeymateen is home to Very Large Grizzly Bears. This Female is searching the area for intruders. It is Breeding Season here!
She is nurturing twin Yearling Cubs. The Cubs may stay with her for several seasons before Venturing on their own. Recently  emerging showing  very Long & Strong claws that  are at their longest now and have continued to grow during Winter Dormancy.
Stunning Vistas with low lying clouds in a Temperate Rainforest. 
Pure, Clean Air with amazing saturated colours, enhanced from the high tides continually brushing nutrients to the Rainforest. Here a Grizzly drinks from the Salty waters of the Estuary. About 25 miles inland & 25 miles from the Mountains of Alaska to the North.
Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear.
Grizzly Bear with Snow covered Mountains in Khutzeymateen.
Bald Eagles are Amazing to see In-Flight
Grizzly Bear jumping the waters of the estuary
Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary is Home to the Bald Eagle
Khutzeymateen is home to the  Grizzly Bear and this female Honey Coloured Bear is surveying the estuary for that nagging large male bear
Awarded the Canadian Wildlife Photography 2013 by Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa & Canadian Geographic Magazine as Runner Up . I feel like First place because of Competing over 4,300 Entries this season.
This is the Fifth time Bill has been featured with them!

Awarded the "Best in Show" at the annual Print Competition 2013 !

Finalist in 2013 "Natures Best"
Khutzeymateen is home to this magnificent female grizzly. She is feeding two yearling cubs and she is very protective of them !
Seen here observing the surroundings for unwanted intruders.
Early in springtime the Grizzly comes awake from his dormancy to feed on the high nutrient grasses in an attempt to replenish  his body needs .
At waters edge in the Khutzeymateen
Mountains of Khutzeymateen with clouds and mist receding from morning
Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary
At waters edge after swimming the estuary waters
Emerging from the estuary water