Bill Bickle Photography, William Bickle Photography
Female Grizzly Bear in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary
This young Female Grizzly was attempting to elude the Large Male Grizzly. During High tide the waters of the estuary allowed this bear to swim across to a remote and safe location. It is breeding season in the Khutzeymateen ( May 2012) but she is Not ready to accept the Male... YET. During my time spent in the Khutzeymateen there were some Amazing Interactions. Following this Courtship was a treat to witness. She kept the Male a very safe distance from her & the male was respectful and evident of her desire to keep a distance . As time went by She allowed the Male to get within breeding closeness, I think this Honey Coloured Bear was coming into Season! The Image has been chosen as the Canadian Wildlife Photography of the year 2012. Canadian Museum of Nature will be exhibiting this Image , along with other winners in their Ottawa Museum, starting in 2013. Following that a Canadian Tour to Museums across Canada! Featured in Parks Canada 2014 Magazine "Special Edition"