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December 2007 .... Bill was honoured with Honourable Mention with National Geographic Magazine, International Photo Competition. His winning Image of a Great Blue Heron in conflict with a Mallard Duck........ The HM was very meaningful to Bill and feels Very Honoured to be recognized with such an amazing Competion. With over 148,000 entries Bill feels like a First Place winner...... More COMING SOON hopefully!
December 2007 .... Bill was honoured with Honourable Mention with National Geographic Magazine, International Photo Competition. His winning Image of a Great Blue Heron in conflict with a Mallard Duck. The HM was very meaningful to Bill and feels Very Honoured to be recognized with such an amazing Competion. With over 148,000 entries Bill feels like a First Place winner.Female Mallard duck defending her young from a Great Blue Heron.

July 2008 & 2013... Natures Best Magazine... Finalist. 

December 2008   Canadian Geographic Magazine & Canadian Museum of Nature awarded CANADIAN WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY of the year. This was followed up with a year long Travelling Exhibit at major Museums across Canada.  

BEST-In-Show....  Annual Print Photo Competition 2012... 

Second Place..INTERNATIONAL Competition 2013... "Chasing the Light"  

National Wildlife Federation..."Final Page" June 2013 FEATURED..
June 2013... 3rd placing in Canada, CAPA ...4 nations cup!

It feeds in shallow water or at the water's edge during both the night and the day, but especially around dawn and dusk. It uses its long legs to wade through shallow water, and spears fish or frogs with its long, sharp bill.
August 2007    Intelligencer Newspaper ... Annual Photo Competition...." Freeze Frame"...Grand Prize Winner !
June 2008 ...Shell UK Wildlife Photographer of the year. Four of my Images were selected as Finalist. With over 32,000 entries...Not bad. 

Gray Wolf, 

The grey wolf or gray wolf (Canis lupus), also known as the timber wolf or simply wolf, is the largest wild member of the Canidae family.
August 2008......Bill was featured in a month long exhibit at the John M Parrott Art Gallery with over 25 Images

Three Arabian horses' heads grouped together. 

The Arabian horse is a breed of horse that originated in the Middle East. With a distinctive head shape and high tail carriage, the Arabian is one of the most easily recognizable horse breeds in the world
Bill has been Awarded the " Photographer of the Year  " with the Napanee Photography Club several times,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011, 
2012, 2013 

Arabian Stallion  bay boy

Throughout history, Arabian horses from the Middle East spread around the world by both war and trade, used to improve other breeds by adding speed, refinement, endurance, and good bone.
Image taken in the Great Bear Rainforest of Norther BC Canada. 

This Image was chosen by David Suzuki in Nature of Things, Annual Photo Competition 2011, and was awarded an Honourable Mention. David liked the image so well He included it in his Annual Calendar 2012.
This Image of a Green Heron was awarded in the Annual,  Canadian Wildlife Photography of 2010. Sponsored by Canadian Geographic Magazine & Museum of Nature Ottawa. This is the second time Bill has been honoured in their Competitions.
Elk in Snow, This Image has been chosen to appear in the National Wildlife Mammal Calendar  2012. 

As well it has been Featured as Cover for Country Roads Magazine. 

The elk, or wapiti (Cervus canadensis), is one of the largest species of deer in the world and one of the largest mammals in North America.
Bill has been honoured to be included in the Featured "Special Edition" Magazine as the Best Wildlife Images for 2011. This is the Collectors Edition.
Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary  in Northern British Columbia Canada. The Alaskan Mountains are about 25 miles and visible as we Fly into this Pristine Rainforest. It is Grizzly Breeding Season here in May 2012, The Glaciers are receding here but still evidence of the Spring Time Snow covered Mountains.   This large male Grizzly has just ascended from the waters of the estuary and is really focused on the trail of a mature female grizzly. 

This Image has been selected as Award Winning with the Canadian Geographic , Wildlife Photography of the Year 2012! The HM is highly honoured within the industry. This Image has been Selected by Canadian Museum of Nature and will be Featured at their Ottawa Museum the season of 2013. As well a National Tour in Featured Museums across Canada in 2013. 

This image is featured in the "Collectors Edition of Best Wildlife of 2013!
This young Female Grizzly was attempting to elude the Large Male Grizzly. During High tide the waters of the estuary allowed this bear to swim across to a remote and safe location. It is breeding season in the Khutzeymateen ( May 2012) but she is Not ready to accept the Male... YET. During my time spent  in the Khutzeymateen  there were some Amazing Interactions. Following this Courtship was a treat to witness. She kept the Male a very safe distance from her & the male was respectful and evident of her desire to keep a distance . As time went by She allowed the Male to get within breeding closeness, I think this Honey Coloured Bear was coming into Season!  

The Image has been chosen as the Canadian Wildlife Photography of the year 2012. Canadian Museum of Nature will be exhibiting this Image , along with other winners in their Ottawa Museum, starting in 2013. Following that a Canadian Tour to Museums across Canada!  
Featured in Parks Canada 2014 Magazine "Special Edition"
Awarded the Canadian Wildlife Photography 2013 by Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa & Canadian Geographic Magazine as Runner Up . I feel like First place because of Competing over 4,300 Entries this season.
This is the Fifth time Bill has been featured with them!

Awarded the "Best in Show" at the annual Print Competition 2013 !

Finalist in 2013 "Natures Best"
This Very large Kermode Bear or known as "SPRIT BEAR" surprised me as he appeared from within the Great Bear Rainforest. He was very interested in the Salmon in the nearby river. The Salmon are abundant this time of year & he has been getting his Salmon Fix as his large belly attests.   

Featured in December 2013 at the Canadian Geographic's Desktop Calendar, with over 12,000 distributed.
This beautiful female Honey coloured grizzly is home in the Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary of Northern BC Canada. 

Awarded  the prestigious "Monthly Award" in Nature Photography Network (NPN)

Recently has been awarded the "Best in Show" at the annual Print Competition !
Great Bear RainForest of Northern BC Canada is home to the Grizzly Bear Family. As we navigated into this fiord we came upon this Grizzly Bear female with 3 Cubs situated on a small island. The cubs were playing hard , running in & out of the water. Mom was very tired and patient with us as we bobbed in the zodiac boat , fighting with the incoming strong tide to keep positioned for some image captures. It was rare to get the 3 cubs together. This image has all 3 in it but one cub is tucked in resting. The incoming tide eventually swamped this small island and the bear family receded into the forest.  This capture was an Overall Winner with a Texas based Magazine and featured in 2017 Wildlife Calendar on Back Cover.
Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary of Northern BC Canada is home to many Bald Eagles. Early morning the wind was just rising when we came upon this Bald Eagle flying into these very tall spruce trees. The wind was strong and waves were developing as we bobbed in our Zodiac boat. This image capture was a challenge with using a long lens, hand held from the side of the bobbing boat. The lichen hanging from the tree branches were being lifted and swaying in the very stiff wind, giving a Windswept feeling. It was a Category Winner in a Texas based magazine, with over 10K competing images.
Also a Winner in the NIKON Canada Competition 2017, being presented in major cities across  Canada.