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Raven # 186A
A Raven with Attitude in Klemtu Ravens spend the first three to four years of their lives moving in and out of loose-knit “gangs”, in which they meet and court prospective partners. Once they have mated and established a territory, adult ravens maintain their social and sexuality intimacy through ritualized gestures Raven (Txaamsm or Wigyet): Raven is the culture hero of the Tsimshian and other Northwest Coast tribes. He is a revered and benevolent transformer figure who helps the people and shapes their world for them, but at the same time, he is also a trickster character and many Raven stories have to do with his frivolous or poorly thought out behavior getting him into trouble. Txaamsm is the hero's personal name and is pronounced similsr to chahm-sum Wigyet is pronounced similar to weeg-yet Occasionally he may also be referred to by the name Gaax (pronounced similar to gawkh), which is the literal Tsimshian word for "raven."