Bill Bickle Photography, William Bickle Photography
NUNAVIK ..Great Canadian Wildlife Adventures
The Canadian Arctic has fascinated me with its mysterious and severe weather. So it is with this feeling of excitement that I wanted to experience first hand the Canadian Arctic! Autumn Colours are abundant in September, prior to the Winter months. Berries are everywhere for the picking! My favorite Blue Berries were a Treat to enjoy, even when being stealthy on approaching the Musk Ox, there was always a fruitful treat to be enjoyed! Musk Ox here are comfortable with their isolation from mankind! It is Breeding time here in the Ungava Bay area for these Musk Ox. The main Alpha Bull was very evident ascerting his dominance over the herd. Each day for me was early starting before the 5:30am sunrise:) The solitude was amazing to enjoy, similar to Meditation !
Long tall grasses seen here are a favorite food .
Breeding season here in NUNAVIK this Autumn! These two Bulls were just fooling around and did not get into serious challenges here. 
The Alpha male bull was very dominant and very busy too ,addressing his seasonal duties:)
Musk Ox travelling and on a mission, during this breeding season in the Arctic