Bill Bickle Photography, William Bickle Photography
Canadian Wildlife Calendar 2017 and the newest for 2018
With beautifully 12 + 1 printed 12" x 12" in Silver coated Spiral Binding, printed on Premium Silk uncoated Smooth paper, 12 + 1 Wildlife Images, Many Images are Award Winning from National and International Competitions!
" AWARD Winning " This has been very popular...With winning Canadian Wildlife Photography in the first ever Canadian Geographic Wildlife competition hosted by Canadian Geographic and the Canadian Museum of Nature, with a National tour into major museums across Canada!
" Spirit Hunter " ...Kermode Bear or Spirit Bear of Great Bear Rainforest Northern British Columbia Canada
 " Singled Out " ..One Antler Moose for Algonquin Park Ontario Canada
" Saucy "...Attitude was evident as this young Belted Kingfisher warned off competition, Moira Ontario Canada
" Dripping Wet "..Mature male Grizzly Bear,..Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary Northern British Columbia Canada .

" AWARD Winning Photo "
" BIG Wing " ...Bald Eagle northern Pacific Ocean British Columbia Canada
"RED"...Red Squirrel  Algonquin Provincial Park Ontario Canada
Timber Wolf, interior of British Columbia Canada
" Bold Belted Kingfisher " ..Moira Ontario Canada
" Treading Water " ..Grizzly Bear swimming, Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary Northern British Columbia Canada
Grizzly Bear feeding on Sedge Grass in springtime, within Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary in northern B.C. Canada .

" AWARD Winning Photo "
" Scar Face "..Seasoned Black Bear...Great Bear Rainforest Northern British Columbia Canada
Bull Elk image captured in Northern Ontario Canada
" Innocent " .. Red Fox Kit, recently emerged from its den Moira Ontario Canada
" Curious, Shy, Alert "... Grizzly Bear Family in Great Bear Rainforest Northern British Columbia Canada .

" AWARD winning Photo"
Front cover of 2018 Wildlife Calendar

This Great Grey Owl was a frequent winter visitor during winter of 2017
The kit just emerged from its den with this Grouse feather sticking to it.
Algonquin Moose  April 
The black flies were heavy and water was a sanctuary for awhile