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R O M Biodiversity Exhibition
Images are "On Display" Now! Canadian Geographic and the Royal Canadian Geographical Society’s Education Program are partnering with the Royal Ontario Museum’s Biodiversity Centre in Toronto to showcase Canada’s incredible biodiversity through some of the absolute best photography that has appeared in our special wildlife photo annual issues. The images are on display now and run until March 22, 2015. The ROM biodiversity Centre is a leading resource for conservation in Canada, and your photographs have been selected to be among the images used to convey the breadth and beauty of our country’s extraordinary wildlife. This set of images will be displayed on large screens in the biodiversity centre alongside the museum’s permanent displays highlighting the importance of biodiversity to the health of our planet.
Taken on the Pacific Ocean in Northern British Columbia , Canada. The Native community of Port Simpson is where the Bald Eagle is safe and free to search for its favorite fish dish! Port Simpson is only accessible  by Float plane or by sea.
This beautiful Wild Grizzly Bear is navigating the estuary at high tide. The ocean tide can exceed twenty five feet here ,and the going gets wet at high tide. Snow covered mountains can be seen here in early springtime, when the mountain wintering Bears will return to the Khutzeymateen, Bears can get there much needed  fill on the sedge grasses at lower tides.
A Juvenile female Wild Grizzly Bear in the Khutzeymateen , with over 98,000 acres to roam and be herself !
The Grizzly Bear seen here is enjoying his freedom in the Khutzeymateen!   The Khutzeymateen in Northern British Columbia Canada is the only Grizzly Bear Sanctuary in Canada , where these wild Grizzlies roam free without pressure of trophy hunting!