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This is First year I am offering my Images at a Promo Price. If successful maybe a Yearly feature. Here it is: 30% Discount on Any Image you are Interested in either from past shows or my Web Site etc.... Here are some samples to peruse... This 30% discount is good until November 30, 2013 . If you order by then, I'll support this discount. Many of my Images are now being offered with CANVAS and ready to hang. Please contact me for pricing and anything else related to this Promo.
Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary is Home to the Bald Eagle
Awarded the Canadian Wildlife Photography 2013 by Canadian Museum of Nature, Ottawa & Canadian Geographic Magazine as Runner Up . I feel like First place because of Competing over 4,300 Entries this season.
This is the Fifth time Bill has been featured with them!

Awarded the "Best in Show" at the annual Print Competition 2013 !

Finalist in 2013 "Natures Best"
Elk in Snow, This Image has been chosen to appear in the National Wildlife Mammal Calendar  2012. 

As well it has been Featured as Cover for Country Roads Magazine. 

The elk, or wapiti (Cervus canadensis), is one of the largest species of deer in the world and one of the largest mammals in North America.
Eastern  Wolf,

In areas where human cultures and wolves are sympatric, wolves frequently feature in the folklore and mythology of those cultures, both positively and negatively.
Mute Swans
December 2007 .... Bill was honoured with Honourable Mention with National Geographic Magazine, International Photo Competition. His winning Image of a Great Blue Heron in conflict with a Mallard Duck. The HM was very meaningful to Bill and feels Very Honoured to be recognized with such an amazing Competion. With over 148,000 entries Bill feels like a First Place winner.Female Mallard duck defending her young from a Great Blue Heron.

July 2008 & 2013... Natures Best Magazine... Finalist. 

December 2008   Canadian Geographic Magazine & Canadian Museum of Nature awarded CANADIAN WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY of the year. This was followed up with a year long Travelling Exhibit at major Museums across Canada.  

BEST-In-Show....  Annual Print Photo Competition 2012... 

Second Place..INTERNATIONAL Competition 2013... "Chasing the Light"  

National Wildlife Federation..."Final Page" June 2013 FEATURED..
June 2013... 3rd placing in Canada, CAPA ...4 nations cup!

It feeds in shallow water or at the water's edge during both the night and the day, but especially around dawn and dusk. It uses its long legs to wade through shallow water, and spears fish or frogs with its long, sharp bill.
Female Monarchs have darker veins on their wings, and the males have a spot in the center of each hindwing from which pheromones are released. Males are also slightly larger.
Very Old Church near Cochrane  Alberta